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Management Philosophy

Global distribution company, that pays close attention to the opinions of our customers

World in which everyone can be happy is the dream of Lotte Mart that strives always to be at our side

Management Ideology, No.1 Customer

Customers are the owners of our company.

Lotte Mart that has taken up the responsibilities for the healthy daily lives of your family and where happy stories are being unfolded is already becoming a global distribution company by transcending the domestic boundaries. As we are fully aware of the fact that growth of Lotte Mart was possible due to the supports of our customers, we are putting our utmost priority in our management policies on our customers in principle. We will always strive to be at your side. We will continue to be a trusted company that is easily accessible and present more innovative and newer images to you.

Vision 2018,No.1 Retailer in Asia

We are creating happy dreams and futures with our customers.

Having proclaimed product revolution in 2011, we concentrated in development of small-content products. As the result, we were able to launch Tongkeun and Sonkeun (generous quantity) products, which are being received with enormous love by our customers. In addition, we have opened category killer shop ‘Pet Garden’ for companion animals, Toys R Us, a heaven for children, and warehouse-type members-only discount outlet, VIC Market. Lotte Mart, currently serving more than a million customers every day in Korea, China, Indonesia and Vietnam is aiming to achieve rank of No. 1 as a distribution company in Asia by the end of 2018.

Core Strategy for 2018

We have established and implementing core strategy of concentrating our domestic and overseas capabilities in order to accomplish Vision 2018.

Global strategy : Reinforcement of new business projects : expansion of category killer shop , members-only warehouse-type discount outlet ,  Efficiency in management : product innovation,development of business model, lean management innovation, Expansion of overseas business : customized strategy for each of the countries, diversification of formats of sales outlets, Domestic strategy : Composition of and sales through pecialized sales outlet for popular products, Composite facilities that enable shopping nd cultural life simultaneously

Social Contributions, No.1 Culture Company

Lotte Mart, company loved by growing together.

Lotte Mart is pursuing the dream of realizing the world in which everyone lives together because the society that encourages each other and puts efforts together is the force that enables us to move forward in the fiercely competitive society and rapidly changing world economy. Lotte Mart is practicing our beliefs. We put efforts to commercialize the brand name of the small and medium enterprises by jointly developing outstanding products and support their entry into overseas market. We firmly believe this is a means of providing better products and benefits to our customers. In addition, we established Happiness Dream Voluntary Service Corps in October 2011, and began putting efforts in improvement of welfare and educational environment of young children who are our future dreams by forging sisterhood relationship with many nursery facilities throughout the country. We shall endeavor to become a company that is further loved by our customers rather than simply a growing company.